5 Best Robusta Coffee Beans

Last Updated on: 23rd August 2023, 06:34 pm

Looking to elevate your coffee experience? Look no further. In this article, we’ll guide you through the world of robusta coffee beans.

With their bold flavors and unique characteristics, these beans will awaken your taste buds and invigorate your mornings.

Get ready to discover the five best robusta coffee beans that will take your brews to new heights.

So grab a cup, sit back, and prepare to indulge in these exceptional coffees’ rich aromas and complex notes.

Top Robusta Coffee Bean Recommendations

Look no further if you’re searching for the best robusta coffee beans. Nguyen Coffee Supply’s Hanoi Peaberry Robusta is a standout choice, known for its rich, bold flavor and smooth finish.

Another great option is Birdee Vietnamese Coffee Bean, which offers a unique taste profile with hints of dark chocolate and nutty undertones.

Dalat Highlands Robusta Whole Bean Coffee is an excellent pick for those who prefer a stronger brew, boasting a robust aroma and intense flavor that will surely wake up your senses.

And suppose you’re in the mood to explore international options. In that case, Kaffa Coffee Tati from Ethiopia and Armenian Coffee is worth trying for their distinct cultural flavors and centuries-old traditions in coffee production.

Nguyen Coffee Supply – Hanoi Peaberry Robusta

You should try the Nguyen Coffee Supply Hanoi Peaberry Robusta (available here) for a bold and rich coffee experience. This dark roast coffee, grown in Vietnam and roasted in Brooklyn, offers a unique taste that will satisfy the discerning coffee lover.

Robusta beans provide several benefits, including a higher caffeine content and a stronger flavor profile. As whole-bean coffee, you can grind it yourself or purchase pre-ground beans for convenience.


  • Unique taste from robusta beans
  • Higher caffeine content
  • Supports direct trade with Vietnamese farmers


  • Grinding the beans can be difficult
  • Some confusion about the whole bean vs ground options

The Nguyen Coffee Supply Hanoi Peaberry Robusta is an excellent choice for those seeking a flavorful and distinctive coffee experience.

Birdee Vietnamese Coffee Bean

For a versatile and rich brew, try Birdee Vietnamese Coffee Bean (available here). It offers a unique blend of robust flavors and complex aromas. Crafted using 100% Vietnamese coffee beans, this medium roast coffee is a balanced, full-bodied blend with a smooth finish. The combination of 80% Robusta and 20% Arabica beans grown at high altitudes in the central highlands of Vietnam creates a bold flavor profile with sweet, chocolatey undertones.

Birdee Vietnamese Coffee Bean is perfect for those who prefer to grind their coffee at home. It can be ground to suit various brewing methods such as pour-over, cold brew, espresso, Vietnamese coffee drip, and French press. This allows for the most consistent and highest-quality flavor extraction.


  • Great taste, aroma, and value
  • Silky smooth with hints of roasted cocoa flavor
  • Positive feedback from coffee enthusiasts


  • Limited availability outside of Vietnam

Dalat Highlands Robusta Whole Bean Coffee

To brew a delicious cup of Dalat Highlands Robusta Whole Bean Coffee (available here), grind the beans to your desired consistency and follow your preferred brewing method. With its high caffeine content, smooth texture, and chocolatey taste, this coffee is perfect for espresso lovers looking for a rich, dark flavor profile. It can be enjoyed independently or blended with Arabica to enhance crema.

Grown in the highlands of Dalat Province, these select Robusta beans are packed in eco-friendly Biotre 100% Biodegradable coffee bags. While there is no mention of roast date or freshness rating, reviewers have praised the flavor notes of chocolate and affordability for mail-order purchases. However, some customers have mentioned the high shipping cost associated with this product.


  • High caffeine content
  • Smooth texture
  • Chocolatey taste
  • Suitable for espresso


  • No information on the roast date or freshness
  • High shipping cost

Very Strong Coffee

If you’re looking for a powerful and intense coffee experience, this strong brew is perfect. Made from 100% Robusta coffee beans (available here), it promises to deliver a rich and robust flavor that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. With twice the caffeine content of regular coffee, it’s sure to give you that much-needed kickstart in the morning or whenever you need an extra boost.

The aroma alone is enough to awaken your senses and prepare you for the day ahead.


  • Intense flavor and aroma
  • High caffeine content for an extra energy boost
  • Perfect for those who prefer strong coffee


  • Some customers have reported a burnt aroma
  • It may cause jitteriness if consumed in excess
  • The price per ounce may be high compared to other brands

Kaffa Coffee Tati, Armenian Coffee

If you’re searching for a unique and authentic coffee experience, look no further than Kaffa Coffee Tati (available here). This Armenian blend is crafted with precision and care, using traditional roasting and grinding techniques passed down through generations. The result is a medium roast coffee that showcases the rich flavors of beans sourced from Cameroon, India, and Indonesia.

One of the standout features of Kaffa Coffee Tati is its smooth and consistent taste. When brewed with a French press, it delivers an exceptionally enjoyable cup of coffee that can please even the most discerning palate. The fine grind ensures a well-ground texture that enhances the overall drinking experience.

However, it’s worth noting that some customers have experienced issues with the resealable seal on the packaging. This has led to a loss of aroma and smell after just one day. While this may not be a dealbreaker for everyone, it’s something to consider if you prefer your coffee to retain its freshness for longer.

In summary, Kaffa Coffee Tati offers an authentic taste of Armenia in every sip. Its high-quality beans and traditional brewing methods make it an ideal gift for Armenian friends or coffee lovers who enjoy exploring new flavors.


  • Smooth and consistent taste
  • Well-ground texture
  • Delivers an enjoyable cup when brewed with a French press


  • Resealable seal issues can cause loss of aroma after one day


In conclusion, these five recommendations stand out for their exceptional quality and flavor profiles when it comes to robusta coffee beans.

With their rich aroma and bold taste, these beans satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

One interesting statistic is that robusta coffee beans contain almost double the amount of caffeine compared to arabica beans, making them a great choice for those seeking an extra kick in their morning brew.

So indulge in the robust flavors of these top-notch robusta coffee beans.

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