10 Best Coffee Beans For Jura Machines

Last Updated on: 22nd August 2023, 02:52 pm

Looking for the perfect coffee beans to amp up your Jura machine?
Are you wondering which ones will deliver that rich, flavorful brew you crave?

Well, look no further! We’ve covered you with our list of the 10 best coffee beans for Jura machines.

Are you ready to elevate your coffee game and have a sensory experience like never before? Let’s dive in and explore these exquisite beans guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

What Jura Models Do These Beans Work Well With

These beans work well with the Jura models that have a built-in grinder. If you own one of these Jura models, you’re in luck. These automatic espresso machines are known for their exceptional quality and performance, and they require equally high-quality coffee beans to deliver the perfect cup of espresso. With these espresso beans specifically chosen for Jura machines, you can unlock the full potential of your machine.

Jura models are designed to extract the best flavors from each bean, creating a rich and aromatic espresso every time. These coffee beans are carefully selected to complement the advanced brewing technology found in Jura machines. They are roasted to perfection, ensuring optimal extraction and flavor profile.

When using these beans in your Jura model, you can expect a smooth and balanced taste with chocolate, caramel, or fruit notes, depending on the blend. The freshness and quality of these beans will elevate your coffee experience to new heights. So indulge in the finest coffee beans made exclusively for Jura machines and savor every sip of your perfectly crafted espresso.

Best Coffee Beans For Jura Coffee Machines

When it comes to finding the best coffee beans for your Jura coffee machine, there are several options that you should consider.

One popular choice is the Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend, known for its balanced flavor and creamy texture.

Another option is the Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, which offers a rich and bold taste.

The Caffè Borbone Crema Superiore Espresso Coffee Beans are a great choice for those who prefer an espresso blend with their smooth and velvety crema.

If you’re looking for a classic Italian coffee experience, illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee delivers with its medium roast and distinct aroma.

Lastly, Stumptown Coffee Roasters offers a Medium Roast that is carefully sourced and expertly roasted for a well-rounded cup of coffee.

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

I highly recommend trying Lavazza Super Crema (available here) for your Jura machine’s flavorful and creamy espresso experience. This 2.2 lb bag of whole bean coffee blend offers a light to medium roast, resulting in a mild and creamy taste that is truly satisfying. The aromatic hazelnut and brown sugar notes add a delightful sweetness to every cup.

Made from a blend of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta beans, this coffee delivers a balanced, smooth, and robust flavor profile. With Lavazza Super Crema, you can expect high-quality beans that are not oily and produce consistent grinds. It is perfect for those seeking a decaf alternative without compromising flavor or body.

Many customers have praised its rich and complex flavor, noting hints of chocolate, hazelnut, and brown sugar in each sip.


  • Flavorful and delicate profile
  • Smaller beans, not oily
  • Best decaf option for full-bodied espresso


  • May not be suitable for those who prefer darker roasts

Koffee Kult Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee

The Koffee Kult Dark Roast (available here) is a consistently smooth and bold choice of gourmet coffee with cupping notes of smooth caramel, cinnamon, and a heavy body. This dark roast coffee offers a strong yet clean taste that is not bitter. It is considered one of the best options for a high-quality coffee experience.

The blend consists of rich organic beans from Columbia, Guatemala, and Sumatra, resulting in a full-bodied, exotic, and satisfying flavor. This coffee delivers exceptional results whether you prefer espresso or other brewing methods like the V60 Pour Over or Aero Press.

Enjoying this flavorful brew has never been easier, with easy online ordering and prompt delivery to your door.


  • Consistently smooth and bold flavor
  • The rich aroma while whole, ground, and brewing
  • Freshness maintained in a zip-top bag


  • Some customers mention a few damaged beans compared to small batches of coffee.
  • Packaging issues regarding organic certification labeling

Caffè Borbone Crema Superiore Espresso Coffee Beans

Made with a fine selection of premium Arabica and Robusta blends, Caffè Borbone Crema Superiore Espresso Coffee Beans (available here) offer a perfect blend of taste, refinement, creaminess, sweetness, and character. These beans are carefully crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates or those who want to experience the authentic taste of Naples. With an intensity level of 7 out of 10, they are ideal for creating delicious milk-based beverages.

The unique combination of Arabica and Robusta beans gives this coffee a balanced flavor. You’ll notice hints of caramel and chocolate, with a smooth finish that lingers on your palate. The crema is rich and velvety, adding an extra layer of indulgence to every sip. Whether you prefer your coffee black or with milk, Caffè Borbone Crema Superiore Espresso Coffee Beans deliver a consistently satisfying experience.


  • Perfect balance of taste, refinement, creaminess, sweetness, and character
  • Rich crema adds indulgence to every cup
  • Satisfies even the most demanding palates


  • Some customers reported issues with packaging during delivery

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee

Now, let’s move on to another highly regarded option for your Jura machine: illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee (available here). This medium roast coffee comprises nine exceptional Arabica coffee sources worldwide. With its unique pressurized packaging, illy ensures that the flavor and aroma of their coffee are preserved until you’re ready to brew.

Customers have praised illy Classico as the perfect choice for espresso and regular coffee. They appreciate the fresh smell and taste that this coffee provides. However, some customers have experienced issues with late deliveries, crushed tins, or dented packaging when purchasing from certain sellers.

Overall, illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee offers a premium experience with its well-balanced flavor profile and commitment to sustainability. It’s a great option for those who want to enjoy a high-quality cup of coffee with their Jura machine.


  • Well-balanced flavor
  • Aroma-preserving packaging
  • Ethically sourced beans


  • Potential issues with delivery or packaging quality

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast

Stumptown Hair Bender Coffee (available here) is a popular choice for those seeking a well-rounded and bold medium roast with its sweet citrus, dark chocolate, and raisin flavor profile. This coffee offers a delightful combination of flavors that dance on your palate with each sip. The sweet citrus notes add a refreshing touch, while the dark chocolate brings a rich and indulgent taste. The hint of raisin adds depth and complexity to the overall flavor profile.

Made from 100% Arabica beans, Stumptown Hair Bender Coffee is part of their Direct Trade program, ensuring high quality and ethical sourcing. The beans come in vacuum-sealed packaging to maintain freshness until you’re ready to brew.


  • Well-rounded and bold flavor
  • Delicious combination of sweet citrus, dark chocolate, and raisin
  • Ethically sourced through the Direct Trade program


  • Some customers may find the slight bitterness off-putting
  • Preference for more intense flavors
  • Concerns about the brew and best used-by dates

Lavazza Qualita Oro Italian Coffee Whole Beans

The combination of origin and roasting in Lavazza Qualita Oro Italian Coffee Whole Beans (available here) creates a unique and flavorful taste. These beans are carefully selected from the best coffee-growing regions globally and expertly roasted to perfection. The result is a rich, smooth, and aromatic cup of coffee that will awaken your senses.

Lavazza Qualita Oro is specifically crafted for Jura machines, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance. The beans are not too oily, making them ideal for Jura Z10 super auto machines. You can trust that each cup brewed with these beans will deliver consistent quality and flavor.


  • Perfect balance for espresso and milk drinks
  • Brighter flavor for daily enjoyment
  • It comes in 2.2lbs bags, which is great value for frequent drinkers


  • The super Crema variant may not be strong enough for milk drinks.
  • The Gran Crema Barista variant may be too strong for espresso purists.
  • No specific brewing directions are mentioned in the content.

Caffè Borbone Crema Classica

Caffè Borbone Crema Classica (available here) is worth considering if you’re looking for a creamy and smooth coffee option. This espresso coffee blend offers a fine, full-bodied, balanced selection of premium Arabica and Robusta blends. Made in Italy, it delivers a nutty flavor with hints of chocolate, creating a medium-bodied and low-acidity cup of coffee. The intense coffee flavor is complemented by its aromatic and fresh smell.

The user experience with Caffè Borbone Crema Classica has been positive overall. It works nicely in milk-based drinks and is affordable for the large 2.2-pound bag size. Users have enjoyed the taste and would recommend the brand, noting that the beans are evenly roasted and produce full-flavored, non-bitter coffee. Additionally, these beans can be used in various coffee-making setups such as Keurig or espresso machines.


  • A nutty flavor with hints of chocolate
  • Medium-body with low acidity
  • Aromatic and fresh smell
  • Works nicely in milk-based drinks
  • Affordable price for a large bag size


  • Confusion about the origin (USA vs Italy)

Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast

Customers have praised the rich flavor of Lifeboost Coffee Whole Bean Medium Roast (available here). This delicious coffee is made from ethically sourced, non-GMO, organic whole beans. Grown in the mountains of Central America, the beans are shade grown at a high elevation and meticulously hand-selected for purity. The sun-drying and spring water washing process gives this coffee its pure, natural taste. It is low in acid, making it a great option for those with stomach discomfort or teeth issues. Certified organic and 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and other toxins, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality brew.


  • Rich flavor that matches the aroma
  • Great option for those with stomach discomfort or teeth issues
  • Ethically sourced and hand-selected beans
  • Certified organic and free from toxins


  • Slightly higher price compared to other brands

Angora Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast

Angora Coffee Roasters’ medium roast (available here) offers a smooth and flavorful profile with chocolate, hazelnut, almond notes, and a hint of orange zest. This carefully crafted blend results from Angora Coffee’s commitment to quality and meticulous sourcing and roasting process. The medium roast perfectly balances boldness and subtlety, creating a delightful cup of coffee that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.

The aroma filling your kitchen as you brew this coffee is divine. It’s rich and inviting, promising a delicious experience ahead. As you take your first sip, you’ll be greeted by the harmonious combination of chocolate, nutty flavors, and a subtle citrus undertone. The medium roast ensures the coffee has just the right acidity to keep it lively without overpowering its other characteristics.

This Angora Coffee Roasters’ offering comes in a 12-ounce bag filled with 100% Arabica beans sourced through transparent and fair trade practices. The brand takes pride in providing outstanding after-sales support to enhance your coffee experience. Here are some key details about this product:


  • Smooth and flavorful profile
  • The rich aroma upon brewing
  • Balanced acidity for an enjoyable taste
  • Transparent and fair trade sourcing practices
  • Outstanding after-sales support


  • Limited size options available

Overall, Angora Coffee Roasters’ medium roast is a delightful choice for those seeking a smooth yet flavorful cup of coffee. With its carefully selected beans and meticulous roasting process, this blend delivers on its promise to always provide an exceptional coffee experience.

Java Planet Low Acid Coffee

When brewing Java Planet Low Acid Coffee (available here), you’ll experience a smooth and low-acid cup of coffee that is both flavorful and satisfying. This best-selling coffee is known for its exceptional taste and low acidity, making it a popular choice among coffee lovers. The single-origin beans from Colombia give this coffee a full-bodied flavor with beautiful fruit tones. It is certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring that you support fair pricing, workers’ rights, and environmental protection with every sip.

The 100% organic specialty grade arabica beans used in Java Planet Low Acid Coffee are tested for mycotoxins to guarantee quality and safety. Whole bean coffee is recommended for the best flavor, as it can be ground to suit various brewing methods. As a family-owned business, Java Planet prioritizes customer satisfaction, always providing you with an exceptional product.


  • Smooth and low-acid flavor
  • Full-bodied with fruity tones
  • Environmentally conscious sourcing
  • Supports fair trade practices


  • A limited variety of roast options is available.
  • Some customers may prefer stronger flavors.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer high caffeine content


So there you have it, the top 10 coffee beans for your Jura machine. With these beans, you can be confident that your morning cup of joe will be nothing short of perfection. Whether you own a Jura E6 or an S8, these coffee beans will always deliver a rich and flavorful brew.

And here’s an interesting statistic: Did you know that, on average, Americans consume about 400 million cups of coffee daily? That’s a whole lot of Java! So why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your daily dose of caffeine?

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